Learning More About Wolf Small Appliances

Find out more about the Wolf small appliances that are making big impressions on the compact appliance market.

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With the advent of micro-kitchens, brands have been making big strides to create smaller appliances. Sub-Zero and Wolf is among the renowned luxury brands joining in on the small parade.

Keep reading to learn more about Wolf small appliances, which are 24 inches wide or slimmer, and how they can fit with your lifestyle and kitchen.


The Wolf small appliances line offers both induction and gas cooktops. The induction cooktop is 24 inches wide and delivers extreme precision and power. It features a black ceramic glass that is scratch-, stain-, impact- and heat-resistant along with sliding touch controls. The gas cooktop is 15 inches wide and uses a seamless stainless steel burner pan that makes cleanup easy.

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Included in the Wolf small appliances line are two oven options: a steam oven and a built-in option. Both are 24 inches wide and offer precise temperature and cooking control. The built-in oven has 11 cooking modes and senses the shape and size of commonly prepared foods for easy, hands-off meal preparation. The steam oven is a versatile, mini marvel that can rejuvenate stale bread and breathe new life into your leftovers.

Wine Storage

Wolf’s wine storage options are diverse, with two columns, two undercounter options and a freestanding one. The compact columns are perfect for filling space between refrigerators and your cabinets or next to pantries. The undercounter options are a great way to add to your kitchen without taking away counter or cabinet space.

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Refrigeration, by far, has the most offerings in the Wolf small appliances line. With 14 different options, you can choose from columns, drawers, undercounter units and standalone ones. Also included are ice makers and freezer drawers. No matter what you need by way of refrigeration, Wolf has a small appliance that can exceed your expectations.

Specialty Modules

If you don’t want to add an entire cooktop, you can add one of Wolf’s specialty modules. These include a stainless steel burner, fryer, grill, teppanyaki and steamer modules. Whichever cooking style you prefer, there’s a Wolf small appliances product for you.

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If you’re looking to reduce your footprint or create a home with a compact kitchen, the Wolf small appliances line is perfect and can accommodate your each and every need.

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