Wifi Refrigerators: A Look at the GE WIFI Connect Line

The GE WIFI Connect line lets you control your refrigerator with the touch of a button from your phone.

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The number of smart devices on the market has increased exponentially in the past few years. The newest addition to this family is the wifi refrigerator.

GE’s new WiFi Connect line is breaking barriers and bringing smart technology to your home appliances. In addition to the wifi refrigerator, it also includes wall ovens, ranges, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, water heaters and air conditioners.

Using the GE Kitchen app on your phone, you can create alerts, control the unit and receive status updates.

Creating Alerts

There’s nothing worse than stocking your refrigerator for a big gathering and then losing power and all your food! With the GE Kitchen app and Wifi Connect refrigerator, you can receive an alert when your refrigerator experiences a power outage. This can potentially save you money and frustration if a summer storm knocks out power to your home.

You can also receive alerts when your unit’s temperature is too high, the water filter needs to be replaced and the door is left open.

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Controlling the Unit

You can control the wifi refrigerator by simply tapping the screen of your phone. On models with hot water capabilities, you can schedule hot water for your morning cup of coffee and initiate water heating all from your phone. You can also turn the ice maker on and off, adjust the temperature and control Sabbath Mode, TurboCool and Turbo Freeze.

Sabbath Mode accommodates observant Jews who follow the restrictions on electricity use during the Sabbath. This feature allows you to turn an appliance on immediately and stay on for a certain amount of time or turn off automatically after a set amount of time. An unusual feature to some, this allows observant Jews to serve warm food on holidays without breaking or disrupting the sacred Sabbath.

TurboCool revs up the refrigerator, cooling it quickly after frequent or extended openings when hot items are placed inside. This means you no longer have to wait to put hot foods in the fridge and run the risk of forgetting and leaving them out for an extended period of time.

Turbo Freeze functions the same way TurboCool does, but in the freezer compartment. It maximizes the cooling ability of the freezer compartment, keeping your frozen foods frozen even as you add warm items or leave it open for a period of time.

This innovative technology makes using your refrigerator extremely easy. This means less fiddling with the controls inside the unit and letting all the cold air out.

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Receiving Status Updates

Few things seem to take as long as waiting for the ice maker to make ice for your refreshing drink. The GE Kitchen app will send you an update when you ice maker is full or empty; that way you’ll always know exactly how much ice you have. The app will also update you on the temperatures of the fresh food and freezer areas.

GE is making life easier and more efficient with its Wifi Connect line and new wifi refrigerator!

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