Taking a Look at the Different Ways to Cook a Turkey

Curious about the different ways to cook a turkey? Learn the difference between brining and frying and find out just what spatchcocking is!

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Thanksgiving dinner traditionally includes turkey, potatoes, green beans and grandma’s famous pumpkin pie. But if you’re feeling adventurous this year, explore the many different ways to cook a turkey.

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Serving a dry bird is a cook’s worst nightmare. One popular way to combat dryness is by brining. When you brine a turkey, you essentially marinate it in a mixture of stock and spices. Since the bird is fully submerged, there is very little risk that it will dry out as you cook it low and slow.

Dry Brining

You can also try a dry brining if submerging a whole turkey doesn’t sound right for you. This is one of the ways to cook a turkey that involves no liquid. For a dry-brined turkey, you create a spice rub, cover the turkey with it and then bag the turkey and refrigerate for two to three days, turning it over once a day.


It takes determination and a little know-how to grill a turkey for Thanksgiving. Grilling is one of the ways to cook a turkey that frees up your oven and your kitchen. However, you have to keep a closer eye on it because grills are less precise than ovens and tend to have more temperature fluctuations.

Deep Frying

Deep frying is probably the most dangerous of the many ways to cook a turkey. In order to safely deep fry a turkey, you should set everything up outside at a good distance from your home. Make sure you have the appropriate equipment, including gloves and a sturdy hook to remove the bird from the oil. The benefit of deep frying is that your turkey will be done in less than an hour.


This oddly-worded cooking method is actually one of the best ways to cook a turkey quickly while keeping the meat moist. Spatchcocking requires you to butterfly the turkey and cook it flattened out on a baking sheet. By cooking the bird this way, it is evenly heated and evenly cooked.

Now that you’re well-versed in the different ways to cook a turkey, you can bring new life to and reinvent the traditional Thanksgiving meal.

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