Surprising Warming Drawer Uses

Did you know there are more warming drawer uses than just food-related ones? Find out what they are!

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Adding a warming drawer to your home, whether inside or outdoors, gives you more than a place to just keep food warm. We’ve put together a list of warming drawer uses you might not have considered.

It’s common knowledge that warming drawers can be used to keep already-made meals warm, but they can do so much more with a little creativity and imagination.


First on the list of warming drawer uses is to warm your plates, bowls and platters. Certain dishes are best served in a warmed bowl or on a warm plate. Your warming drawer can make heating things up a snap.

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Next, if you install your warming drawer at or just below countertop-level, you can use it for serving dishes buffet-style. The warming drawer will keep your dishes hot and cut out the need to leave your oven on as you and your guests eat dinner and prepare your plates. The second of our surprising warming drawer uses helps improve efficiency and cut down on wasted energy.


If you’re a baker, you can use your warming drawer to proof doughs and quickly bring ingredients to room temperature or soften them. It can also be used in batter fermentation.


Moving away from food and cooking, you’ll need to think creatively about your warming drawer. Uses range from warming napkins to towels and even plush bath robes. There are few things as delightful as getting out of the pool and wrapping yourself in a warm towel. The same goes for cloaking yourself in a warm bath robe. Just be sure your robe is made of a material similar to the towels.

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Now that you know more about a few surprising warming drawer uses, you can use it to keep your food warm and heat up your towels!

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