The Top 5 Traditional Christmas Cookies

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Seasoned bakers and newcomers alike both know no holiday season is complete without traditional Christmas cookies. Whether your recipe card is stained with batter or you use a cooking demonstration on your tablet, these five cookies are the most popular ones of the season.

Peppermint Sugar Cookies

These traditional Christmas cookies bring a festive, fun touch to any gathering. Choose to twist them like candy canes or roll them into swirls and serve them as slices – your guests will like either one! Using a sugar cookie base, you can either add peppermint extract into the dough or top with crushed candy canes (or both!) for a deliciously minty mouthful.

Russian Tea Cakes

Sometimes referred to as Snowball Cookies, Russian Tea Cakes are one of the simplest traditional Christmas cookies. Using only four to five ingredients, you can whip them up quickly and have a ball coating them with powdered sugar.

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Thumbprint cookies, also known as Hallongrotta, are circular cookies with a dip in the middle that is filled with raspberry jam. Easily modified to hold a different preserve or even chocolate, thumbprint cookies are perfectly festive since they look like little wreaths and can be fancied up with crushed candy canes or other holiday decorations.


Not just for making houses, a good gingerbread recipe will make excellent cookies. Being the oldest and most traditional Christmas cookies, gingerbreads can be traced back through the years to ties with 2400 BC Greece, Medieval fairs, Queen Elizabeth I, the Brothers Grimm and even early colonial voting. With such a diverse history, it’s easy to see how gingerbread cookies have stayed on tables and in cookie exchanges for centuries.

Spritz Cookies

Even if you don’t know them by name, chances are you’ve seen these pint-sized, fun-shaped traditional Christmas cookies. While doughs are usually almond flavored, you can also use sugar cookie dough. Spritz cookies are made using a cookie gun or press to create the different shapes you see.

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Bake one or all of these traditional Christmas cookies in your double wall oven or steam oven for your holiday get togethers and you’ll be sure to have a hit!

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