The Dacor Wine Station: Perfect for Wine Wednesday

Every wine-lover needs the Dacor wine station in their kitchen. It allows you to dispense 4 bottles of wine, so there is no worrying about choosing red or white. Enjoy both!

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The Dacor wine station has taken the world by storm. This in-home wine dispensing and preservation system is perfect for the sommelier in your life.

The Discovery WineStation is the first automated, temperature-controlled, 4-bottle wine dispensing system. Wine lovers are able to choose their varietal and amount, from a taste to a full glass, with just the touch of a button.

Gone are the days of leaving multiple bottles open for hours during dinner parties – the Dacor wine station is the perfect solution! Serve your cheese board, mingle with your guests and don’t give a second thought to open wine bottles, as Dacor’s technology keeps the wine fresh and flavorful.

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The Dacor wine station features an easy-to-use LCD that offers portion-controlled servings. Its preservation and dispensing system uses argon gas, which allows your wine to last as long as 60 days.

Two of the most appealing features of this system are the installation and ease of use. The Dacor wine station uses a built-in installation so it will be flush with your cabinets. The system is exceptionally easy to set up, clean and control. The clean pour heads and pick up tubes attach directly to your wine bottles and provide an air-tight seal that preserves the aroma. They are also dishwasher safe, which means no special washing.

Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or enjoying a Wine Wednesday, the Dacor wine station is the kitchen appliance for your sommelier needs. Be sure to stop by a Monark showroom to experience the luxury in person.

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