Thanksgiving Kitchen Decorations: 3 Charming Ideas

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Thanksgiving is almost here – is your kitchen holiday ready? We discussed the best ovens for baking holiday dishes, but today we’re tackling another fun component of the season: Thanksgiving kitchen decorations! Keep reading for our take on three perfectly charming ideas.

Incorporate autumn colors without going overboard.

A dash of autumn colors, but not too much, is practically a must for your Thanksgiving kitchen decorations. Not only will the look be seasonally appropriate, but it will also naturally pop against your appliances, whether they are stunning black, sleek stainless steel, or classically contemporary white. Go with soft oranges, deep reds, and yellow golds for perfect seasonal style.

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Place mini-pumpkins, bumpy gourds, and other natural elements in just the right places.

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween… or pies! Mini-pumpkins also make great Thanksgiving kitchen decorations. Spice it up even more bumpy gourds, always a fun sight at the grocery stores this time of year. If you really want to give your home that extra holiday flair, decorate with a bundle of autumnal bounty, such as wreaths spruced up with a little bit of cotton, pine cones, leaves… even a pair of antlers if that’s an option! Use these items as decorative flair all throughout the home or create an organic centerpiece for the table.

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On the day of Thanksgiving dinner, hang a specially created menu on the kitchen wall.

Nothing says uniquely charming like your own menu! Perhaps you are artistic yourself, in which case this is a fun way to flex those muscles, especially if you don’t get to do so much at your job or in everyday life. If you’re not artistic, perhaps you can enlist a more creatively-inclined family member with the promise of an extra pie made just for them. A specially made menu helps to show off the results of your cooking skills that much more and will keep everyone talking about your hostessing style for years to come! For the extra hostess bonus, create special name cards for your guests, too.

Relish in your cozy kitchen these holiday season with our alluring ideas for Thanksgiving kitchen decorations! For even more inspiration for all things kitchen related, stop by your local Monark showroom.

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