Spring Ideas for Adding Pops of Color to Your Home

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If the dull gray of winter has you dreaming of warmer days, bring your daydreams to life through one or all of these spring ideas for adding pops of color to your home! It’ll bring a smile to your face and brighten up any room.

Shake those winter blues out with your rugs and get ready for sweet spring time.

Cut the Rug

Add a brightly colored rug or one with a fun pattern to liven up your entryway or living space. Along with being a great conversation piece, it might put you in such a good mood that you feel like cutting a rug!


Don’t think artwork can be seasonal? Guess again! You can absolutely rotate and change your artwork with the changing season. It might be winter outside, but you can make it feel like spring inside with floral prints, sunny posters or photographs you took last summer. Spring ideas like this are perfect for personalization.

Fresh Flowers

Bring a little of the outside in by adding freshly cut flowers to your home. They smell great and can add that pastel pop you’ve been missing. You can add whatever color you might desire to whichever room you choose with the first option on our list of spring ideas.

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Bright Throw Pillows

If you don’t want to spend a lot on spring ideas that will bring color into your home, decorative throw pillows are a great choice. Add pops of lime green, pastel pink or robin’s egg blue. While you may not want to paint an entire room one of those colors, a little touch here and there might be just what it needs.

Fun, Unique Accents

Add a colorful birdcage to evoke spring memories and the sounds of birds chirping. Spring ideas like this are very diverse since you can switch out the accent and put it in any room. The only real guideline here is that you use a bright color that reminds you of spring.

Spring ideas can breathe new life into your home and help you think spring!

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