Spring Clean-Up Made Easy

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The snow is slowly melting away and the first signs of spring are starting to emerge. That means it’s the perfect time to get a jump on your spring clean-up, so you’ll have more time to spend outside once the weather is nice and the sun is shining regularly.

Where do you start? Start in the kitchen, of course! As one of the rooms that gets the most daily use and traffic, the kitchen is bound to need a little TLC once spring clean-up time rolls around.


When you first get in your kitchen, pick one starting point and rotate clockwise from it. For example, start at your stove and move to the right once you’ve finished cleaning it. Continue to move clockwise as you take on the next task in your spring clean-up. This way, you’ll not only be efficient, you won’t lose your place or dirty a place you’ve already cleaned moving around the kitchen.

Clean Your Refrigerator

Even though you constantly remove items from your refrigerator, it’s important to clean the shelves and drawers inside the fridge, as well as the outside and top. Clean up any spills, remove leftover food that is past its date and wipe down all surfaces to clean and disinfect them. This will help eliminate the chances of spreading illness or cross-contaminating foods.

Sink Those Germs

You use your sink every day to clean dishes, cups, silverware and utensils, but how often do you clean the sink itself? You should make an effort to regularly clean your sink to prevent bacteria from forming. Use hot water and a soap or cleaner that will not only clean but also disinfect. Make sure you take care of the drain as well as the basin.

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Cabinets and Countertops

Your cabinets and countertops deserve a little love during your spring clean-up. Wipe down the tops, sides, front and inside of your cabinets, clearing away any stains, crumbs or dust. While you should wipe down your countertops daily, it’s a great idea to clear everything off them and wipe them down completely.

Let the Oven Do the Work

You probably think about cleaning your oven as much as you think about cleaning your sink. One of the great things about today’s ovens is that they come with a self-cleaning setting, so all you have to do is turn the knob or press the button and you’ll be on your way. You can even start spring clean-up by setting your oven to self-clean after you’ve cleaned the stove top, and it will work as you move around the kitchen cleaning other areas.

Now you’re ready to make quick work of your spring clean-up – spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the weather!

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