Spring Centerpieces to Brighten Up Any Room

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No home is ready for spring without a fun, festive centerpiece that will brighten the room and give it a pop of color. How do you create spring centerpieces? It’s as simple as using everyday objects you have around the house or bringing a little spring greenery inside from your backyard.

Here are five ways you can create festive spring centerpieces for your home today.


Few things remind people of the spring season more than eggs, which is why they’re first on our list of ideas for creating spring centerpieces. Use dyed egg shells in a bowl, decorated wooden eggs on a plate or even plain, white eggs on a candle holder. All of these ideas will give you a centerpiece that is festive and brings color into your home in subtle way.


Spring is categorized by new life, which means colors are not as vibrant or bold as they are in later seasons. Pastels are the perfect palette to use in the spring. Their lighter tones and softer colors can be mixed and mingled with a multitude of colors to create a stunning centerpiece. You can use a combination of fabrics, colored grasses or dyed eggs to make your masterpiece.

Bring the Outside In

Take inspiration from your backyard and bring outdoor elements in! Fill a metal watering can with fresh flowers to give your room a fun spin on gardening. If you want to create a big, bold centerpiece, repurpose an old bird bath. Fill it with artificial grass, eggs, fresh flowers – the possibilities are almost endless! Just be sure your table can handle the extra weight first.


If spring turns your frown upside down, you should turn an old straw hat upside down too and use it as one of your spring centerpieces! Fill the bowl of the hat with flowers, grass, animal figurines – whatever reminds you of spring. Pair it with a watering can full of flowers and your table will be a true homage to gardening without getting dirty.

Add A Little Shine

Give your room a little pop and sparkle with gold-painted eggs or vases embellished with glitter. Use them on their own or paired with one of the ideas above to create an elegant yet eye-catching display.

Spring centerpieces are a great way to add flair and festive fun to your home. No need to go big or bold – use the ideas above and subtle colors to create a springtime masterpiece that you and your guests will love.

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