Tips for Creating Delicious Sous Vide Food

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If you’re ready to try one of the hottest trends taking the culinary world by storm, then these tips for creating delicious sous vide food are perfect for you!

But let’s back up for a minute and explain what sous vide cooking is. It’s a technique where food is placed in a sealed bag and cooked in a precise, temperature-controlled water bath. You could even think of it as an elevated form of poaching that gives you the freedom to incorporate different flavors and the precision to get the perfect cook every time.

Here are four tips to help you get started and master the art of cooking sous vide food.

Limit Liquids

When creating the flavors for your sous vide foods, limit the amount of liquid you add to the bag. If you want to use oil or butter for flavor, only include enough to cover what you’re cooking. Adding too much will dilute the dish’s natural flavors and can affect cook times.

Perfect for Proteins

Proteins like meat and fish are best suited for sous vide cooking, so it’s a solid plan to start with these items rather than vegetables, which can be difficult to cook evenly. Using the sous vide method of cooking also results in juicier foods, since there’s no transfer or loss of moisture during the cooking process.

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Experiment with Spices and Flavors

If you love experimenting with new flavor combinations and spices, but worry about coating your meats or vegetables, sous vide food gives you a worry-free option to explore both. Throw a whole sprig of rosemary or a couple cloves of garlic in the bag and know that your flavors won’t be lost like they might be when cooking in a pan. Dry rubs and dried spices are actually two of the best ways to flavor sous vide meats and fish.

Don’t Be Afraid to Explore Your Options

While meat and fish are the ideal choices for the sous vide food, don’t be afraid to explore other dishes! Have fun and be adventurous. Try your hand at making perfectly smooth eggs or become a food scientist and see if you can master making yogurt, roulades, custards, purees, cheese curds or eggnog. The possibilities are almost endless.

Now that you have these four tips for making sous vide food, get out there and get cooking!

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