3 Secret Storage Spots of Kitchens

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If you’ve ever wondered where on Earth you’re going to put your salad tongs or extra cake pans, don’t despair: our list of secret storage spots is here to save you. Sometimes all it takes is a little ingenuity to discover additional storage that you didn’t even realize you had. Get inspired with some of our favorite hidden storage ideas!

The Sides of Cabinets

If the idea of using your pots, pans, and anything else you can hang as kitchen decor appeals to you, this is the perfect secret storage idea. It’s simple: secure hooks to the sides of your cabinets. You can hang everything from utensils to cutting boards – especially if your kitchenware is cute! This frees up the space inside for all your kitchen items that you don’t necessarily want to look at all the time, like the puke green kitchenware set from Aunt Bertha.

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The Backs of Cabinet Doors

It’s not just the sides of cabinets that can be utilized for their secret storage potential. This is the one time when you want to think inside the box: the underused space on the backs of cabinet doors! This is an ideal location for items that are somewhat unusually shaped, like mixer attachments, tongs, and measuring cups, which take up lots of drawer space and have a tendency to get stuck when you’re pulling the drawer open. Learn more about how to make this happen in your kitchen with instructions from Jenny Steffens Hobick of Everyday Occasions.

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Make Your Own Toekick Drawers

Another DIY secret storage idea we love comes from blogger Nikki Willis. You might not be familiar with the term toekick drawer, but you definitely know what it is: the space at the bottom of a cabinet, which is typically covered up with a small panel but otherwise unused. Nikki turned hers into a slender drawer that is optimal for all your thinnest pots and pans. Click here for Nikki’s tutorial on how to create your own!

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Stop by your local Monark showroom for even more inspiration for all things kitchen related!

Photo Credits:
1. Pinterest / Erica Hines
2. Everyday Occasions / Jenny Steffens Hobick
3. Tikkido / Nikki Wills

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