An In-Depth Look at Refrigerator Designs

Refrigerator designs have changed and improved over the years, but which one is right for you? Find out what each has to offer.

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It can be difficult to choose the right type of refrigerator. Designs are now as diverse as the features that accompany them. We’ve created a guide to deciphering which refrigerator will be the best fit for your home.

Top Freezer

As its name suggests, the first on our list of refrigerator designs has a freezer section above its refrigerator section. The ratio of space in this type is ⅓ freezer and ⅔ refrigerator. This is traditionally the most popular and familiar design. It’s also one of the most cost-effective styles. However, top freezer refrigerators are the least flexible as far as configuration and door-swing requirements.

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Bottom Freezer

Bottom freezer refrigerator designs are the exact opposite of top freezer ones: the freezer section is located below the refrigerator section. This style has a little more flexibility in construction, as the freezer section can either open with a swinging door or pull out as a drawer. This design is a modification on the traditional top freezer refrigerator and has its same drawbacks. The swinging door freezer will require a deep, wide space to open properly.

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Side-by-sides put the freezer and refrigerator parallel to each other, running from top to bottom. The space of each compartment is more evenly distributed, but the freezer section does tend to be smaller. If you opt for a through-the-door ice maker, your freezer storage will be even smaller. These refrigerators are ideal for narrow or galley-style kitchens since they require less space for the doors to swing open. The downside is that the narrow, deep compartments may not house large platters or tall pitchers.

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French Doors

French door refrigerator designs blend the bottom freezer and side-by-side styles. They feature doors on the refrigerator compartment with a freezer section below. French door styles come with a multitude of in-the-door options like an ice maker or digital display. These models are much more flexible in regard to installation and can house multiple platters and large pitchers with ease. The elegance of French door refrigerators gives them a luxurious feel and appearance.

- french doors e1474300634257 -


Freezerless refrigerators do not have freezer compartments. They are refrigerators from top to bottom. These are a great companion to chest freezers or if you have little to no need for a freezer.

- freezerless e1474300677602 -

Undercounter and Compact

Undercounter designs include both refrigerators and freezers. Many companies are offering refrigeration and freezer drawers. They are a great alternative to the large refrigeration styles mentioned above. Sub-Zero Wolf’s refrigeration and freezer drawers are panel-ready, which means they can be outfitted with panels to match your cabinets and fully integrated so they blend right in and the appliance disappears.

Compact refrigerator designs are created with small spaces in mind. They are ideal for dorm rooms, spaces under the counter and garages or bedrooms. They usually have minimal freezer space, which is located within the refrigeration area.

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Navigating the world of refrigerator designs, styles and types can be difficult without a map. Keeping this guide in mind, you’ll be an informed customer and your decision will be easier.

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