Dress Up Your Kitchen With Range Hood Ideas

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Exploring range hood ideas is a great way to dress up your kitchen in a functionally useful way. The purpose of a range hood is to keep your kitchen ventilated, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be visually appealing too. Get inspiration for range hood ideas that will perfectly match your kitchen’s style below.

Keep it professional with stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a classic choice for any kitchen, but it’s especially fitting for the cook who is seriously invested in her baking, broiling, grilling, steaming, roasting… you name it! Stainless steel range hoods exude professionalism; their sleek appearance and unadorned geometry are the perfect way to turn your kitchen into a chef’s haven.

Make it a mantel.

To instantly give your kitchen a classically luxurious feel, get inspiration from the fireplace with a range hood that mimics the style of a mantel. Range hoods meant to look like a mantel work just as well in transitional kitchens as traditional ones, and with the right details can even fit a contemporary look, too.

Create an old-world aesthetic.

You are more likely to find an old-world sense of style in other rooms of the home, but that doesn’t mean it’s off-limits in the kitchen. The hallmark of this design is historic European homes with an artisanal sensibility, adorned with elaborate patterns and vivid materials. Craft this design approach in the kitchen with range hood ideas that incorporate architectural elements, such as scalloped edges and Mediterranean-style bricks.

Place it over the island.

Not all range hood ideas have to do with the visual aesthetic of the kitchen; some ideas have more to do with the structural aesthetic, such as situating the range hood over an island. Not only does this make excellent use of unnecessarily open space, but it’s a must if your cooktop is  located on the island with your oven built into the wall, like Miele’s PureLine in Obsidian Black seen here.

Create vibrancy with contemporary colors.

If you want to make a truly outstanding statement in your kitchen, range hood ideas for you involve bright colors. Yes, range hoods don’t need to stick to your standard monochromatic, neutrals, or stainless steel – although we do of course love all those styles – but a kitchen design power move is to go vibrant. Fire-engine red or cerulean blue are just two bold colors that could easily work in the right kitchen.

From Dacor to Miele to SubZero-Wolf, wherever your oven comes from, you’ll need to protect your kitchen with a range hood. Ideas to make this functional piece fit your kitchen are a great way to dress up that all-important space with both class and style! For more inspiration for all things connected to the kitchen, stop by your local Monark showroom.

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