Open Burners vs Sealed Burners: Harnessing the Heat to Cook Better

Looking for a new range but not sure what kind of cooktop you want? Find out more about open burners vs. sealed burners.

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Most homes are equipped with a gas range capable of cooking for a small army. Choosing a range might seem like an easy task, but often it comes down to open burners vs. sealed burners.

Both open and sealed burners have benefits and downfalls. We’ll explore them below.

You might think every stovetop looks the same, and you’re right. They do look very similar – knobs, flame, grate – but there’s a very subtle difference between open and sealed burners. Open burners are traditionally used in commercial designs, have drip trays to catch spills and have a circular vent around the burner. Sealed burners have a seal between the burner and the surrounding flame, which keeps messes contained.

Wolf offers both and has great videos that show open burners vs. sealed burners and how to cook with each.

Keeping Things Clean: Open Burners vs. Sealed Burners

Many people argue that sealed burners are easier to clean than open ones. Since the sealed burners have a cooktop that extends right up to the burner, they have no drip trays like open burners do. Open burners have more space between the stovetop and the burners, so it’s easier for spills and grease to get in there and create a mess. Both types of ranges will require cleaning eventually – how much depends on how messy you are when you cook.

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Temperature Trials: Open Burners vs. Sealed Burners

Open burners are able to produce more heat because they can freely draw oxygen from around the burner. Sealed burners take a longer time to pull in oxygen and it must be done through the gaps between the cooktop and the ignition switch. In general, open burners produce a greater number of BTUs than sealed burners.

Cost Calculating: Open Burners vs. Sealed Burners

Of the two, open burners are less expensive. The delicate construction of sealed burners makes them more expensive to produce and they will need to be replaced more often than open burners. A well-constructed open burner can potentially last for the lifetime of the kitchen.

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When it comes to open burners vs. sealed burners, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, from cleanability to heat output to cost and aesthetics. Choosing the right burner for your kitchen can be difficult but the information above can help you make an easier decision.

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