Making the Most of Small Spaces: Micro Kitchen Edition

Find out more about micro kitchens; GE's space-saving solution for urbanites and baby boomers alike.

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The past five years have seen the number of urban dwellers skyrocket, which has spurred an increase in compact living and the rise of micro-kitchens. These pint-sized alternatives to the traditional kitchen are packing quite a punch when it comes to making the most of small spaces.

GE’s recently introduced concepts for micro-kitchens have people raving and marveling at their engineering feats. The design blends simplicity with functionality and style.

The unit, which looks like a normal section of kitchen cabinetry, is actually a master of disguise. It can house a sink, induction cooktop, speed cook oven, convertible fridge/freezer, conventional oven and dishwasher. The sink can be covered and the faucet tucked into the back of the unit to create additional counter space.

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Micro-kitchens are perfect for lofts, apartments, boats, RVs, man caves and she sheds. Having all your kitchen appliances in one spot frees up the rest of the room and keeps the look uncluttered.

These handy set-ups aren’t just for Millennials – many Baby Boomers are looking to downsize but still enjoy luxury as they retire and need less living space. The easy-to-read digital displays, multi-function appliances and all-in-one convenience make micro-kitchens appealing to multiple generations and multiple living situations.

In addition to the micro-kitchen designs, GE is also exploring a compact laundry system. The future may hold a whole line of micro designs, one for each area of the home. For the time being, explore GE’s micro-kitchens and learn more about compact design and simplistic living.

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