Using Kitchen Subway Tiles in Your Home

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If you’re looking to add pops of color, use intricate patterns and embellish the often overlooked space between cabinets and countertops, then kitchen subway tile is perfect for you!

Kitchen subway tile gets its origins from the New York City Hall subway station, which was adorned with small tiles in intricate patterns. It was hailed for being easy to maintain and durable.

Adding kitchen subway tile to your space will offer a unique, original feel. Use bright- or dark-colored tiles to create an eye-catching element. If you had your heart set on a particularly perky color, but it was too much for the whole space, use it in your tile backsplash.

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Given its origins, subway tile has a classic, elegant finish. Adding it to your kitchen will give the room a traditional feel, but also the freedom to pair it with a variety of other design elements and styles.

Arrangements aren’t limited to straight across, either. If you angle your tiles, you can create a herringbone pattern that will add a level of sophistication.

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Not only stylish, kitchen subway tile is also durable. It can take a beating for years to come and still look as good as the day you installed it. Its colors can also be expected to last, not fading when exposed to sunlight – but keep in mind that darker glazes are softer than lighter ones and can show scratches more easily.

If you’re feeling adventurous and thinking about trying your hand at installing kitchen subway tiles, try it in a small space first. By starting small, you will get a better idea if doing things yourself is manageable or if you should enlist the help of a professional.

Incorporating kitchen subway tile can be an easy way to enhance your space and give it lasting elegance!

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