How to Create An Inviting Kitchen Space

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If you dread approaching the oven or shudder at the thought of rifling through your fridge and cabinets, it might be time to think about making changes to create an inviting kitchen space.

There are a few different ways you can take your kitchen from drab to fab. We’ve outlined the easiest and most successful below.

Lighting Adjustments

One of the quickest changes you can make to create a more inviting kitchen space is to switch your light bulbs to incandescent or halogen bulbs. These are less harsh than fluorescent and give off a warmer glow. If you’re open to completely changing your fixtures and lighting setup, incorporate different levels of light to make your space feel more welcoming. Try to use overheard, under-cabinet and decorative fixtures to add variety to your light sources.


Change your ideas about your kitchen space and it will be more inviting. Open it up to more activities than just cooking and eating. Use it for entertaining, game nights or even homework sessions. The more you do in the space, the less rigid it will feel – and the more time you’ll spend in it!

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Create Spatial Differences

Use bottles, cake plates and cooking utensils to create a visual variety by placing items of different heights by one another. You can also do this with items of different widths. Kitchen spaces where everything is the same dimension can create a cold, stiff overtone that is not inviting for guests.

Add Vegetation

Breathe new life into your kitchen space, literally. Adding plants or natural elements is an easy, cost-effective way take your kitchen space from cold and stiff to alive and intriguing. Thriving plants also show guests that you’re taking the time to care for them, and that will translate to your home.

Try one, two or all of these ideas for creating an inviting kitchen space, and see how your home opens up and feels more welcoming.

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