Open and Creative Kitchen Shelving Ideas

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When it comes to kitchen shelving ideas, one the hottest trends is open fixtures that show off all your flatware, gadgets, wine and cookware.

Open shelving is self-explanatory, as there are no doors to close.

One of the biggest draws to kitchen shelving ideas like these is the freedom they give to be creative and show off items in your space, as well as to create visual focal points.

Here are a few different kitchen shelving ideas to get you started.


One of the most, if not THE most, important concepts when it comes to kitchen shelving ideas is organization. You’ll need to decide first what you want to store on your open shelves and how you’d like to display those items. Putting similar items together like wine glasses or stacking items like plates will give you an aesthetically pleasing repetition and uniformity. Your method of organization can also create clean lines and visual variety through use of items with different heights.

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Open shelves are great for displaying pops of colors and using color to elevate your space. If you have a color that you’ve always loved but was too much to use for a whole room, consider adding accents of it to your shelves. They’ll give you a nice, eye-catching pop to the kitchen. Lack of color is another option for open shelving. Simple black and white shelves and fixtures can add elegance and elevate your space to a chic and stylish area.


Your choice in material will also have a big impact on your kitchen shelving ideas. Using a thick piece of wood will have a different look and feel than wire shelves. The thick piece of wood can give your kitchen a more earthy or natural feel while wire shelves may make it feel more industrial or modern.


While most kitchen shelving ideas use traditional, horizontal shelves, don’t be afraid to switch things up and use x-shaped storage. Most commonly seen in wine storage, you could also store boxes this way to make their appearance less boring, as well as other items that come in bottles or tubes.


The location of your shelves can add variety, elegance or a focal point. While you can add shelves in standard areas, think about changing aspects like height, length and distance between the shelves. An open shelf underneath an upper cabinet can create a whole new look. A high, long open shelf that runs around a kitchen will draw a person’s eye completely around your space. Using small staggered shelves on a bare wall can make a statement that is both functional and fun.


If you’re ready to give open kitchen shelving ideas a try, this list is a great place to draw inspiration! Don’t forget to stop in your local Monark showroom for your free copy of our new Brand LookBook and expert advice on kitchen design and appliances.

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