5 Kitchen Organization Solutions

Is you kitchen a disaster area? Learn more about kitchen organization solutions.

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Finding kitchen organization solutions can feel like a daunting task, especially if you use your kitchen multiple times a day and are always the host with the most.

Between cooking and cleaning, who has time to rearrange, sort and stack? With these simple tips, you do. Keep the following kitchen organization solutions in mind when you tackle your kitchen clutter and you’ll be off to a good start.

Clearing Out

The first step to all kitchen organization solutions is to declutter your space. Throw out old and expired items, sort the ones you keep by how often you use them, pair them with like items and then decide the overall organization strategy for your kitchen.


One of the easiest kitchen organization solutions is to group and store together items you use regularly. This could mean keeping salt and pepper, olive oil and fresh garlic or rosemary and thyme all together. This is efficient because you only have to make one trip to get the items you need since they’ll already be together in your pantry or cupboards.

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Shaping Up

It’s no secret that kitchen utensils come in all shapes and sizes, which can make them difficult to store. Store them in the most efficient way possible. This can mean storing knives facing away from you alongside spatulas facing you. You can even divide your drawers diagonally to free up more space and make it easier to store long-handled items with shorter ones.

Sliding In

Sliding shelves inside your cabinets can help reduce the chance of something getting lost way in the back as well as stop you from crawling around on your hands and knees to find a pot or pan. Sliding shelves are a great way to prevent the over-cluttering of cabinets, since you’ll only be able to put the items you need in the shelving baskets while the hardware takes up the rest of the room.

Show It Proudly

Where you can, display your plates, platters or cutting boards. By displaying them you are using kitchen organization solutions two-fold since your display items are organized neatly and they are out of the cupboards, which frees up space.

Organizing is no longer a daunting task with these kitchen organization solutions!

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