4 Ways to Create a Cozy Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar

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There’s something enticing about a well-designed kitchen island. Maybe it’s the extra storage it allows or even the sense of ease that it provides a kitchen. Whatever the reason may be, a kitchen island breakfast bar is perfect for cozying up for meals, catching up with your family, and adding an appealing touch to your kitchen. Read on for four ways to create the coziest kitchen island for any space and style.

Less Clutter

The word “cozy” makes many people think of tight-knit spaces. However, for the best kitchen island breakfast bar, cramped space is not ideal. Keeping the countertops clear of any clutter, like the kid’s homework, dirty dishes or excess décor allows for more elbow room and a more appealing layout. A simple centerpiece, like flowers or candles, along with tablemats, gives your kitchen island the look of luxury and feeling of comfort. 

Smart Storage

If clutter happens to start piling up, creating storage space within your kitchen island breakfast bar is a smart option. Overhanging countertops are a great option for both stools and built-in drawers. From plates and napkins to extra silverware and kitchen utensils, the drawers can be filled to make cooking and dining a breeze.

Stylish Seating

Sitting at your kitchen island breakfast bar shouldn’t be uncomfortable. It’s important to purchase stools or chairs that are not only high quality but actually comfortable to sit in for any length of time. Since your stools will be near food, picking the right material is crucial. Durable material such as wood or metal are both easily cleanable. For the cushions, choose comfort that can be wiped clean when necessary, like leather or microfiber cushions. Consider ones that can be swapped out, as well, which makes switching up the style effortless.

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Optimize Your Space

If you think your kitchen is too small for an island, think again! Any kitchen can have an island if the space is used correctly and optimized ideally. If your kitchen is on the small side, consider U-turn islands that connect to the cabinets in your kitchen and extend from the wall. So while it’s not technically an island, it gives the option for a breakfast bar that mimics a kitchen island. Luckily, islands and breakfast bars come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to accommodate for your kitchen and create a cozy atmosphere.

It’s easy to see why kitchen island breakfast bars are in millions of kitchens worldwide. Their luxurious appearance paired with convenience and comfort provide a smart alternative to the typical kitchen or dining room table. For more island inspiration, visit your local Monark showroom to get ideas to create your perfect kitchen island breakfast bar.

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