Design Trends: Kitchen Cabinets With Glass

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While we may be heading into the fall season, the bright, airy feel of summertime doesn’t have to leave just yet. Kitchen cabinets with glass are the perfect way to create a lively, open kitchen without the extra maintenance of frequent dusting required by open shelving.

With their sleek look and multitude of options, it’s little wonder that glass cabinets continue to be a great style trend for any kitchen. From frosted to stained, there’s a glass cabinet that will be the cherry on top of your beautiful kitchen. Read on to find the perfect style for you.

Clear Glass

The clear design for kitchen cabinets with glass offers the classic, clean look for your kitchen cabinetry. This style shows off any glassware, small appliances, or utensils behind the glass doors, giving you a chance to show off your kitchen organization skills. For kitchens with a predominantly white or neutral tone, clear glass allows bright dishware to add a pop of color to the room. Match with a colorful backdrop behind the shelves for an even more cohesive look.

Seeded Glass

For those who prefer the rustic style, seeded glass is a match made in heaven for your cabinets. This type is hand-blown to trap gas inside its surface, creating a bubbly appearance. While the glasses and dishware you keep on the shelves aren’t as visible with seeded glass, the bubbly design creates a textured exterior for a unique look. This glass pairs especially well with cabinets that have a rustic design, giving any contemporary kitchen a touch of country.

Stained Glass

Kitchen cabinets with glass become more than just cabinetry when the glass of choice is stained glass. Through a process of cutting, painting, and glazing, stained glass can provide any kitchen with cabinetry that doubles as a beautiful form of art. The vibrant streaks of color can be a great addition to many styles of kitchen. Turn up the vibrancy of your kitchen design by coordinating the colors of your dishware with the colors of the glass.

Frosted Glass

When you want to show off the rest of your kitchen as much as your dishware, frosted glass is the perfect choice for your cabinets. The frosted appearance is created by sandblasting clear glass, which gives it the opaque look loved by contemporary and modern designers. The matte-like finish scatters light for a translucent, blurred look. For those who want to show off sleek appliances like their BlueStar oven, frosted glass looks beautiful without reeling in all of the attention.

While kitchen cabinets with glass are convenient for well-organized storage, their luxurious minimalism is what sets them apart from other types of cabinet. The airy feel and illuminating windows allow for more light to fill your kitchen, creating both warmth and comfort. Hold onto the summer months throughout the entire year with the perfect glass cabinets for you. For even more inspiration, visit your local Monark showroom to get ideas for all things kitchen.

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