Elegantly and Effortlessly Using Jewel Colors in Your Kitchen

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Luxury appliances are often bold and beautiful, and they deserve a kitchen with the same aesthetic. Jewel colors are one way to turn your kitchen into the magnificent masterpiece of the home. Jewel colors are perfect for the homeowner who wants to add flavor to their kitchen without it being overpowering or becoming an eyesore.

Four of the most popular jewel colors are turquoise, amethyst, ruby and sapphire. We’ll explore how to use these jewel colors to create the colorful kitchen of your dreams.


While turquoise might remind you of the tropical beach at your favorite warm-weather getaway, a muted variation is a great way to add a refined look when using jewel colors. Mix muted turquoise cabinets with lighter wood cabinets to give your kitchen an elevated but playful feel. White and black accents, such as backsplashes, knobs and cutting boards, will help finish the look.

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Amethyst is one of the boldest jewel colors you can use in your home. As such, you should take careful consideration when decorating your kitchen with it. Since amethyst is so powerful, it’s a good idea to use it as an accent. It pairs perfectly with white, so painting your island cabinets amethyst while leaving the rest of the kitchen white is a great idea. This will incorporate the color without making your kitchen too dark.


Red has long been the color of kitchens and dining rooms. Ruby, however, is an almost royal color perfect for traditional and modern homes alike. Marry your ruby cabinets with darker woods and black and white accents to create a sophisticated and elegant look. You can also pair ruby with gold for a truly stunning aesthetic.


Sapphire is one of the most diverse jewel colors, as it comes in many shades. The darker shades have become very popular lately. To elevate your sapphire cabinets, use brass hardware. The light and dark combination will be stunning and sure to turn your space into a gem.

Jewel colors are a fantastic tool for making your kitchen the prize of your home. For more design advice and information about appliances that come in jewel colors, stop by your local Monark showroom today.

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