An Indoor Plant Guide Perfect For Your Home

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In this indoor plant guide you’ll find some suggestions for the perfect plants to make your kitchen a better, brighter, and more inviting place inside your home.

With their beautiful colors, intricate shapes, and endless design possibilities, houseplants are the ultimate décor. Not only are the plants living, breathing art, but they can also benefit you and your home in more ways than you think. Find inspiration with four of our favorites below.

Jade Plant

Quite possibly one of the most beautiful succulents, the jade plant is low-maintenance and well-suited to the kitchen. While this plant is predominantly green, pink and white flowers bloom during the spring, adding a natural seasonal touch to the kitchen during those months.

What’s more, the jade plant is said to create positive mental health benefits by uplifting the mood of those in the room, which could be a good thing for hungry folks in the kitchen. This plant will do well in various locations, from face-level shelves to windowsills.


Red Aglaonema

Not only is this plant pretty, but its possible contributions are perfect for any kitchen. Due to the red coloring in its leaves, the red algaonema plant can potentially stimulate the appetite, as well as increase energy levels.

The red coloring also makes this plant heavensent for kitchens with red accents. To draw out the tones even more, place the red algaonema on a windowsill. This plant also happens to need a lot of sunlight, so the windowsill is the perfect location for this reason too.

Pothos Plant

Another low-maintenance option on our indoor plant guide, pothos plants are also extremely easy to both find and grow, thus accounting for their massive popularity.

They can be placed in kitchens with lots of sunlight or minimal sunlight, but keep in mind they will not thrive in direct sunlight. Place them in a corner on top of your counters, hang them on the side of your cabinets, or even situate them on a high shelf beyond the sun’s direct reach.

Pothos plants are also poisonous if ingested, so it’s crucial to keep them well out of reach of children or pets.

- Indoor Plant Guide Pothos -

Spider Plant

For those looking for the lowest maintenance choice on this indoor plant guide, look no further! The spider plant is said to be one of the most resilient houseplants, making it very hard to kill from neglect.

Aside from the minimal care, the benefits this plant can provide are a major reason it belongs in the kitchen. The rich foliage and small, white flowers combat carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde. This makes the air much more breathable, an important factor for any room.

Bright, indirect sunlight is best for the spider plant, so the center of your kitchen island, on top of your counters, or next to your smaller appliances are all ideal locations for this houseplant.

Houseplants are a great way to bring vibrancy and life into your home. If you’re looking to add a subtle touch of green, loud pop of red, or simply to create a more positive, breathable space to cook and eat, our indoor plant guide can help you pick the perfect plant to achieve it all. For more inspiration for your kitchen, visit your local Monark showroom today.

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