Holiday Kitchens: Get Your Home Ready For the Season

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Winter is quickly approaching, and while you might not be completely ready, it’s never too early to start preparing. From adding cozy color accents to placing decorations at every corner, everyday kitchens will soon transform into holiday kitchens. Read on to learn how to properly prep for the holiday season and assure that your kitchen is ready.

Clear out.

To start the process, clear out your cabinets, refrigerator, and pantry to make room for the abundance of ingredients you will be using for your cooking this holiday. Kitchens receive a lot more attention and company this time of year, so cleaning out your food storage spaces will prepare you for the chaos of the season that is slowly, but surely approaching.

You’ll find no better place to create your next dream holiday kitchen than at Monark. Refrigerators are especially important when it comes to cooking for large groups of people; full size fridges like those by Sub-Zero are classic choices for a reason. With built-in models, integrated units that blend right into your décor, or the mighty PRO 48, an 800-pound monument to food preservation, you are sure to find a fridge that can handle your holiday needs at Sub-Zero.

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Get the necessary appliances ready.

What do all of the perfect holiday kitchens have in common? Their holiday-ready appliances! While items like microwaves, toasters, and coffee makers receive almost daily attention, ovens, crockpots, and blenders start to show their seasonal importance during the holidays. From pies and cookies to turkey and mashed potatoes, the comfort food is found at nearly every meal in every household for the next couple of months. So make sure your appliances are ready!

Deck the halls!

Or in this case, “deck the kitchen.” We know what you’re thinking – what better excuse to go all out with decorations than the holiday season, right? While you might be itching to throw tinsel and red or green at every open space in your kitchen, keep in mind that a little décor can go a long way, as well. A few well-chosen holiday decorations, such as mistletoe in the doorways, wreaths on the windows, or even a miniature tree in the corner will bring cheer to the room without going overboard on the festivity.

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It’s never too early to start getting your kitchen ready for the holidays and Monark is the perfect place to start! For more kitchen and appliance inspiration, check out your local Monark showroom today.

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