Garden Renovations to Get You Ready for Summer

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If your garden doesn’t excite you and you dread visiting it every time you step outside, it needs a makeover! You don’t need to completely overhaul your space to fall in love with it again – making a few small garden renovations might be all you need. We’ve put together a list of quick and simple projects that will improve your garden and have you looking forward to spending time in the green oasis.

Add Variety

First on our list of garden renovations is a tip that you can apply to any area of your backyard, but one that might benefit your garden the most. Adding variety to your garden can really change its dynamic and create a completely new aesthetic. Try alternating tall and short plants, or putting different herbs next to each other for contrast.

Repurpose a Bird Bath

If the birds don’t love your bird bath, don’t let it go to waste! Fill it up with succulents or other small, slow-growing plants. Putting plants in the bird bath will elevate them, both literally and figuratively, and give your garden a focal point.

Raise the Bed, Not the Roof

If you’ve struggled with getting good soil to your plants, this might be one of the best garden renovations for you. Creating raised garden beds gives you the opportunity to add rich soil for your plants, as well as a unique design feature to your garden. You could even add more than one raised bed for greater variety and growing space.

Create a Path

If your garden doesn’t have one already, add a path. It might go all the way through or stop at a bench. Either way, by adding a path you are creating an invitation to explore your garden and see what it has to offer. The materials you use will also dictate the air of your space, such as orderly bricks, complementary pieces of slate, or discrete pebbles.

Grow Up, Not Out

If you’re limited on space, the last of our garden renovations is for you. While you may not be able to grow or expand out, you can certainly explore the idea of growing up. Use a lattice or a fence, or stack pots and planters to bring your garden up. Attach metal gutters to the side of the fence to replicate the look of window boxes or train a plant to grow up and through your lattice. Any of these ideas will bring the eye up from the ground and encourage visitors to really look around your garden.

Garden renovations are quick, simple ways to breathe new life into your tired, dreary space. You can even get started on some of these before the weather warms up, so don’t wait to take your garden from drab to fab!

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