4 Smart Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

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Whether you’re creating the minimalist house of your dreams, downsizing or moving into your first home, a galley kitchen can be as difficult to navigate as the seven seas. But fear not, we’ve put together a list of four smart galley kitchen design ideas that will take you from first mate flounders to captain of your kitchen.

Think About Lighting First

In the beginning stages of designing or remodeling your space, the pinnacle of smart galley kitchen design ideas may just be your lighting. In a galley kitchen, where space is limited, perfectly placed lighting is crucial. Take a few moments to plot out where your fixtures will go or if there’s a window, how much light it will let in. Your lighting will dictate where your appliances and shelves will go, so it’s important that it reaches all areas of the kitchen so you’re not left with a dark corner.

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Appliances To One Side

If you’ve ever spent time in a small kitchen, you know that things can get tricky if you want to have more than one appliance open at a time. On our list of galley kitchen design ideas is the perfect solution to this conundrum: move all your appliances to one side of the kitchen. This not only makes it easier for two people to work on opposites sides of the space, it also ensures that you can fully open more than one appliance at a time.

Open Shelves and Cabinets

When you’re limited on space, it’s a good idea to cut out items or features that can take it up. Cabinet doors are one of those items that can cut into your work space. Open cupboard and cabinet doors can make it difficult to move from one area to another or to reach over to grab something. Doorless cabinets and cupboards make pulling flatware out and putting it away a breeze, not to mention there’s not awkward bumping into doors along the way.

Use a Pull-Out Drawer for Trash

Last on our list of galley kitchen design ideas is one that will surely make the entire crew happy. Leaving a trash can out in the open can not only create a tripping hazard, it can also unleash bad odors. The simple solution is to create a pull-out trash can using a drawer. You can even break it into different bins for recycling, compost and trash.

Get your home in ship shape with these four galley kitchen design ideas, and make the most of your space before it makes you feel like walking the plank!

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