Culinary Trends to Look For in 2017

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If you’re feeling epicurious, you may be wondering what exciting and adventurous culinary trends 2017 will be offering!

Will there be surprising combinations? Will a new green knock out the powerhouse kale? Or will we see some old trends become new again?

According to The Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, which uses data to analyze and predict culinary trends, 2017 will see some very interesting combinations, innovations and food swaps.

For example, your favorite childhood desserts will once again become your favorites, but they’ll be elevated – possibly by edible gold flakes or being intermingled with your favorite spirits.

Kimpton also predicts that dishes will start to focus on using the whole animal or whole vegetable for added flavors. This means using an animal from nose to tail and a vegetable from root to leaf. You can expect to see dishes that include radish greens, salt-roasted beets and celery root purees.

Spices like cardamom, cumin and turmeric will give punches to any dish, and we can expect to see chefs turn up the heat on dishes – spicy and hot flavors are predicted to take the market by storm.

Barbeque lovers are in for a treat, as Kimpton’s culinary trends include increases in charring, blistering and smoking.

Mediterranean cuisine will be the most influential, while the most dramatic shift may be to lean meats like smoked elk, carpaccio and venison tartare.

Whether you like one or all of these culinary trends, 2017 promises to bring diners and foodies alike many surprises and great innovations.

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