Cooking with the Wolf Steam Oven

For precise, fast cooking, you need the Wolf Steam Oven in your home.

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Whether you cook with steam, dry heat or a combination of both, the Wolf Steam Oven is a game changer. It blends the abilities of traditional convection ovens with the technological advantages of steam cooking.

The precision you can achieve with this oven is virtually unmatched. With its easy-to-use display, you can select the temperature, steam or convection, the cut of meat and what time you want it to be done cooking. The Wolf Steam Oven will do the rest, adjusting the temperature to ensure that your meal is done exactly to your specifications.

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While steam has been favored for baking bread and cooking vegetables, it’s actually a healthier way to cook. Harnessing steam to cook your food allows you to preserve up to 22 percent more vitamins. This is especially true for vegetables as they tend to lose a lot of their vitamins and nutrients during traditional cooking methods.

The Wolf Steam Oven is unique because it can hold and adjust its internal temperature for the most efficient and effective cooking. Using two specially-designed sensors, the oven monitors the humidity and temperature levels. These sensors allow it to make adjustments on the fly while you enjoy time with your company in the other room.

Good for more than preparing fresh meals, the Wolf Steam Oven is useful for reheating leftovers. Gone are the days of cardboard pizza, overcooked meat and rock-hard buns. This kitchen marvel is able to preserve the color, cook and doneness of your meal. It can also transform days-old bread to fresh-from-the-bakery goodness.

Another feature of the Wolf Steam Oven is that there’s no flavor transfer between the different dishes and ingredients you cook. You can cook salmon and cake at the same time on the same tray, but the steam prevents flavor transfer. So your salmon will taste like salmon and your cake will taste like cake.

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Last but not least, the Wolf Steam Oven comes in six different sizes. It makes the perfect companion to your convection oven or, if you’re tight on space, can be used as your primary oven.

The technology of the Wolf Steam Oven makes it not only a kitchen marvel but also an excellent investment. Cooking with this oven can make your meals healthier and more enjoyable day after day.

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