Comfortable, Inviting and Functional Spaces With Carlie Korinek

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If variety is the spice of life, Carlie Korinek’s is a medley of challenges and successes based on her diverse clients’ needs.

No two days are ever the same, and Carlie’s work doesn’t stop when she leaves the office or a job site. As a member of both ASID and NKBA, she spends many nights at events or board meetings.

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Adventures in Aesthetics

Carlie has always been drawn to design, exploring photography and culinary arts before settling into interior design.

“In my first semester of school, I was lamenting getting laid off in a class when my instructor overheard my story and told me she had run into the owners of a kitchen design firm who were looking for help. I started there the following week and stayed for 16 years building a career.”

Challenge By Design

With such a diverse client base that has many different interests, Carlie faces many challenges designing and remodeling homes.

“Tailoring the design around a client’s ideas and their styles to come up with materials and flow of a space is the challenge and reward.”

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She also enjoys the variety in styles, spaces and tastes that her jobs provides her.

“Part of why I love what I do is that the client directs the style; I’m able to do mid-century modern in the morning and country in the afternoon, and research ideas for French Provencial in the evening.”

What’s the hardest space for Carlie to design? Her own! “I’m always straddling the fence between my authentic style and doing something that expresses my current obsession,” she said.

Finding Focal Points

When it comes to room layouts and design highlights, Carlie generally tries to find a focal point. In a kitchen, she uses a window as the heart of the space and builds off of it.

One design trick she uses is to keep large items, such as pantries, refrigerators and oven stacks, to the outside of a space.

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She takes remodeling a space very seriously, weighing the implications of changing or moving appliances and plumbing with the benefits.

Carlie favors removing walls and adding islands to improve the flow and function of the space.

A Trustworthy Team

Carlie Korinek builds a team for each and every project she tackles. She knows Monark is a reliable team player that will provide highest-quality service and strive to exceed the client’s expectations.

“I can count on my Monark rep to take what my client is describing and show them their options, features and benefits with a broad array of products that could fill the role. Monark also understands the complexity and sequence of building and remodeling and provides detailed information to the contracting team.”

We’re excited to see what Carlie designs next and looking forward to continuing to be part of her team!

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