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Cook like a top chef with Monogram cooking appliances. With our premium kitchen appliances, you’ll be doing the best cooking ever, with the least amount of effort.


From French door to side-by-side refrigerators, Monogram has the right and perfect fridge for you and your family. Choose from white, black, or stainless steel refrigerators to complement your kitchen design.  

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Using a dishwasher not only takes away the hard work of hand washing your places, glasses or flatware, it also saves money and water, and creates less of an impact on the environment. Discover Monogram’s latest collection of dishwashers and find the one that matches your style and preferences.  

Monogram Rewards

Monogram Rewards  Choose a qualifying appliance up to three tiers & up to three credit eligible appliances.
Save up to $4,500*

*Promotion valid only on select Monogram models purchased between January 7, 2019 through June 30, 2019. Please see sales associate for more details.

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With the widest selection of premium home appliances available, we at Monark understand that there are bound to be questions on price, dimension, availability and more. Our attentive team is here to help.

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