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Marvel refrigeration units don’t just cool your food, they preserve your ingredients so that you are ready to prepare handcrafted meals at any time. Choose from smaller, space-saving units, and classic industrial sized refrigerators.

Beverage Centers

When friends or relatives drop by it’s always a good idea to serve up some refreshing cold drinks. Keep your drinks always cool with a beverage center from Marvel. Whether compact, undercounter or upright, you’ll find the right size and style that suits all your needs.

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Marvel Freezers

Freezers should be food storage at its finest. When you need to preserve leftovers or keep ingredients fresh for months to come, you turn to your freezer. Marvel understands that, and that’s why all their freezers are state-of-the-art appliances made to withstand years of use.

Wine Refrigerators

Whether you are buying wine to drink today or tomorrow a wine refrigerator is the best way to ensure your wine is stored properly. Marvel offers an unmatched selection of high-quality and technologically advanced wine refrigerators in a wide range of prices. Browse our full collection and find the right wine storage solution for your specific needs.  

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ICE Machines

Marvel’s ice machines provide you ice cubes which come in all shapes and sizes. Choose from nuggets, flakes, or cubes to create meals and beverages that are fit for a king.

Beer Dispensers

There’s nothing like the first, velvety sip of a freshly poured beer. Marvel’s beer dispensers let you bring that flavor into your home. Serve your friends and family beer fit for the brewery with a Marvel beer dispenser.

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With the widest selection of premium home appliances available, we at Monark understand that there are bound to be questions on price, dimension, availability and more. Our attentive team is here to help.

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