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Purveyors of Handcrafted French Ranges Since 1908

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The chateau line is a series of stoves and range tops made for the classical home. Choose from commanding ranges like the Grand Palais 180 or opt for a compact efficiency built for a small but elegant home. Whichever you choose, La Cornue offers choices for every type of home.


La Cornue’s Cornufe line of ranges has a traditional, vintage American feel to it. The ovens are convection ovens, and you can choose from one or two to be included in your range. Cornufe is a perfect choice for any homeowner in need of a reliable and classic range.

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Hoods at La Cornue have powerful air filtration systems that keep your kitchen truly smoke-free. Rely on your hood without worrying about steam, smoke, and debris in the air.


Choose from a Cornufe or Chateau rotisserie to enhance your kitchen and add a unique cooking experience. Your rotisserie comes in solid cast iron and is built to retain the heat and roast your meats to perfection.

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