Build an Outdoor Kitchen

- DCS Grill -


No matter if you want to cook with charcoal or gas, DCS has got you covered. Enjoy amazing food grilled exactly how you wanted with any one of their assorted grills.


Homemade food is one of the best options you have at keeping a healthy lifestyle. With DCS, you are able to keep your food fresh for longer and waste food less often. 

- DCS refrigeration -
- DCS Storage -


Keep all of your belongings safely kept out of sight and out of mind with DCS. By doing so, you’ll create a more relaxing environment, which is both more enjoyable and easier to focus in.

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With the widest selection of premium home appliances available, we at Monark understand that there are bound to be questions on price, dimension, availability and more. Our attentive team is here to help.

NOTICE FOR VALUED MONARK CUSTOMERS:  Monark Premium Appliance will be closing all showrooms at the close of business Friday 3/20/2020 due to the current virus outbreak.  If you have any questions regarding your order please contact the sales order coordinators in Arizona and Nevada at 1-702-275-3740, Monday thru Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm, California at 1-480-433-2762 8:00am to 5:00pm and Florida at 1-954-218-9623 8:00am to 5:00pm EST.  We will be contacting customers after we are able to open to schedule your delivery.  Our anticipated date of opening is April 6, 2020 but we will continue to assess and this could change.  Watch our website for updates.