Blended Cocktails to Make in Your Wolf Blender

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Put your Wolf blender to the test with our list of blended cocktails that you can make right in your home!


First on our list of blended cocktails is the margarita. Made from triple sec, tequila and lime or lemon juice, this tart drink is perfect to make in your Wolf blender. Margaritas are very easy to adapt to your tastes by simply alternating fruits and juice mixtures. Try making yours with mango, peach, strawberry, banana, melon or raspberry to create a refreshing, fruity cocktail.


You’re probably most familiar with the pina colada version of the second on our list of blended cocktails, which is made with rum, coconut cream or milk, and pineapple juice. However, you can create your own version by swapping out the type of alcohol and the fruit in it. Make an amaretto colada by using amaretto instead of rum or a kiwi colada by substituting kiwifruit, both fruit and syrup, for the pineapple juice.


Frozen daiquiris are great for the flexibility. Since the main ingredients are generally rum, citrus juice and sugar, the sky is really the limit. You can try your favorite fruit flavor or combinations of your favorites. You can also experiment with different kinds of sugar to see how the sweetness of the drink is affected.

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Anyone can make a milkshake, but it takes a real connoisseur to make an alcoholic one. For these blended cocktails, you’ll need milk, ice cream and your favorite cordial. To create rich, sweet drinks, use spirits like Kahlua or Bailey’s. Make sure you don’t forget the whip cream, chocolate sauce or cherry to top!

Stop by a Monark store near you to learn more about the Wolf line of products and how you can start making these blended cocktails today!

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