The Best Kitchen Designs to Create Your Home’s Focal Point

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As innovation and originality shape the market, more people are striving to create the home of their dreams. However, the best kitchen designs turn your eatery into the focal point of your home – an area not only for entertaining but also for creating memories.

How do you create the best kitchen designs? Take a look at the characteristics below and pick your favorite elements or ones that work best in your space, and you’ll be on the right track. Here are the ABCs of making your kitchen the spotlight of your home.


First on the list of the best kitchen designs is accent. You can create an amazing layout or stunning space, but without the right accents, it may feel muted. Adding accents will naturally bring the eye to the kitchen and make it the star of the home. Accents can really be anything that catches the eye, but common items include tea kettles, lanterns, art, chairs or statues.


Bold isn’t just a flavor when it comes to the kitchen. You can use bold colors as accents or as a way to really make your kitchen pop. Depending on your style, you can use them as much or as little as you want. Use bold colors on trim pieces, tall chairs, hanging lights or salt and pepper shakers.

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The best kitchen designs will utilize color in a manner that brings light and life into the space. The color of the room will set its mood as well as how it relates to the other rooms in the house. Warm colors are more welcoming, brighter colors are bold statements and neutrals gives you the opportunity to use accents to naturally draw in the eye.


The final facet of our list of the best kitchen designs are fixtures. Your cabinets, appliances, lights and hardware will all tell the story of your kitchen and work together to make it the heart of the home. You can add elegance with the type of hardware you use on your cabinets, as well as with your choice of cabinet finishes.

Get started on crafting the best kitchen designs using one or more of the ideas above. Be sure to stop at your local Monark showroom for inspiration and to talk with our friendly, knowledgeable staff about the best appliances for your dream kitchen!

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