3 Best Herbs 🌿 to Grow Indoors

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1. Chives

Chives landed at the top of our list of best herbs to grow indoors not only because it’s so simple to grow them, but also because they’re so versatile when it comes to dishes. They don’t need a lot of light, and they will grow and grow and grow. But growing them from seeds can be challenging, so we recommending using a starter plant. They like moist soil, so make sure to mist occasionally.

- Best Herbs to Grow Indoors Chives -

2. Mint

If your kitchen has a lack of windows that let a lot of sunlight in, mint is one of the best herbs to grow indoors for you. Mint is an herb warrior, and it’ll attempt to grow almost anywhere. In fact, you’ll need to make sure to cut it down every few weeks to keep it from overwhelming your kitchen – and don’t forget to water it every day! Mint can be invasive when planted near other herbs, so that’s yet another reason it’s best grown indoors, where it can be containerized to be kept more easily under control.

- Best Herbs to Grow Indoors Mint -

3. Lemon Balm

We love lemon balm! It smells amazing, grows easily, and doesn’t need much light – hence why it’s one of the best herbs to grow indoors. It does take time to grow lemon balm to a size you can harvest if you start from seeds, so we recommend going with a starter plant for this herb as well. Use potting soil that drains well and make sure to water at least three times a week.

- Best Herbs to Grow Indoors Lemon Balm -

With the best herbs to grow indoors, you can easily spice up the dishes you cook in your favorite Monark appliances. Want even more kitchen inspiration? Head to a Monark showroom near you!

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