Creating a Barbecue Island

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Maybe you’re bored with your backyard or you’re tired of wheeling your grill in and out every time you use it. Whatever the reason, building a barbecue island is a great way to add variety and spruce up your space.

Decisions, Decisions

The first step in any project is always deciding what you want and where to put it. Survey your backyard and determine the best place to build your barbecue island. Make sure there is plenty of space, there are no immediate fire hazards and that you have electrical access if you plan to have hookups in your island.

Foundation and Framing

The start of any good barbecue island is its foundation. You’ll want to create a level area so the island is balanced and doesn’t sit off-kilter, which can cause problems when it comes to propane gas or cool agents in refrigeration. A great way to do this is to use bricks or pavers. They also add an element of finesse and can elevate your backyard depending on what design you use.

Once you’ve created your foundation you can then move to building the frame of your island. Galvanized steel is the ideal choice here because it is sturdy and more fire-resistant than wood. Be sure to look for exterior grade, as it is constructed to withstand the elements.


First and foremost, you should choose outdoor appliances. They are designed to be outside and withstand the weather. Outdoor offerings have increased in recent years and now include everything from grills to hot plates, undercounter refrigeration, ice makers and warming drawers.

- Alfresco sink and beverage center -


To give your barbecue island a polished look, add a finish to the outside. This could be brick, stone, slate or even outdoor tile. Whatever you choose, it will elevate the fixture and create a fun, functional space for hosting get-togethers all summer long.

If you use the ideas and tips above, building a barbecue island won’t be difficult – and if you need any help selecting appliances or have questions about the best brands to use, visit a Monark showroom where our friendly associates will be happy to help!

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