An Inside Look at Andy Fischman’s Creative, Timeless and Tasteful Designs

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Have one conversation with Andy Fischman of South Florida’s Allied Kitchen and Bath, and his energizing and exuberant personality is sure to make you excited about design and all the possibilities that await you.

His day-to-day life varies greatly, but he still manages to stay on top of all of his projects. In a given week you can find him in the showroom, meeting with customers, out in the field, checking design progress or staying on site while appliances and fixtures are delivered.

“I’m not one of one thing, I’m a lot of a lot of things. I have to stay in the field when the designs are being built to make sure that things are being done correctly.”

He notes that as a designer, you always have to watch your project evolve from inception to construction and beyond to make sure it’s exactly what you and the client had envisioned.

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Details in the Designs

With marketing and advertising beginnings in the nutritional industry, Fischman was soon drawn into the puzzle-solving world of interior design. He credits his creativity and attention to detail for his smooth transition from one professional world to another.

“You need a lot of precision and attention to detail, as well as creativity – two aspects of my personality that have led to my success.”

Aesthetics and Altitudes

While the vibe of the location has a great amount of influence on Fischman’s designs, he describes his choices as modern and contemporary, especially in south Florida. He utilizes clean lines to create linear looks.

He notes that his clean aesthetics are also about practicality and functionality, which includes his designs in Florida as well as those in Aspen and the Fire Island.

As for his inspiration?

“Inspiration is from my clients. I want to get into their head and understand their taste and preferences.”

Fischman works with his clients to identify exactly what they’re looking for in their space. He uses an “I want that” approach, where clients tell them what they want, don’t want or might be interested in. He lets them make the selections on their own, but guides them along the way to help meld and modify choices to create a cohesive design.

“I like when I have the budget, the style and the client to use panels on appliances. I frequently extend panels past the appliance all the way to the ceiling to make them fully integrated,” Fischman said. “I try to get my clients to put a panel on the dishwasher.”

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Tiny Trials

When it comes to his biggest challenge, Fischman says small spaces cause the most grief because there are so many elements and so little square footage.

“That’s because there’s so much out there in terms of appliances and options, and people just want so much. It’s the biggest challenge to get everything the client wants into a small space.”

As far as design secrets go, Fischman playfully notes that you don’t have to stick to traditional design ideas.

“Just because there’s a window, it doesn’t mean the sink has to go in front of it.”

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Customer Service and Problem-Solving Prowess

Fischman speaks highly of working with Monark Premium Appliance Co. While he may suggest appliances to clients, he knows that when he sends them to a Monark location, they’ll receive undivided attention and product suggestions that not only meet, but exceed the client’s needs.

“They have such knowledgeable and well-trained selection specialists. They also have a great product selection. I consider them problem solvers.”

We’re so happy to work with Andy and cannot wait to see what exciting and creative spaces he designs next!

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