A Guide to Kitchen Island Styles

This guide will help you understand the different kitchen island styles available.

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Deciphering kitchen island styles can be a tedious and tricky process. With so many options available and many more layouts to choose from, it can be difficult to decide exactly what you want and how it will fit into your kitchen’s aesthetics.

There are two factors that dictate the kitchen island styles that will work in your home. They are layout and style. Your layout will tell you what size island will fit in your space while your style will tell you what options and design elements flow with the blueprint of your home.

The guide below will help you decipher the maze of kitchen island styles and choose one perfect for your home.

Modern Kitchen Island Styles

Modern kitchens often have dark wood cabinets and stone countertops. Kitchen island styles that feature stainless steel or neutral tones are ideal here. To complete this look, opt for seats or stools that have a metal mesh on them.

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For modern kitchens that have bright colors, consider using a repurposed desk or filing cabinets to add your own spin on a modern kitchen.

Modern kitchen island styles often include a cooktop or food prep area, so you’ll need to consider whether you have space for such installations both on the counter level and below it.

Rustic Kitchen Islands

Rustic kitchens feature simplistic, but beautiful and functional pieces. When working on a rustic design, you can include brick, reclaimed wood, granite or marble countertops and simple cabinetry.

The goal of rustic kitchen aesthetics is to create a warm, welcoming environment and put emphasis on the farm-to-table way of life. You can achieve this by creating an island that uses weathered wood and sturdy stools and invites family-style eating.

- rustic kitchen -

French Kitchen Islands

French kitchens are all about clean lines, chic appliances and elegant designs. However, you first need to decide whether you want a city-inspired French kitchen or a country-inspired one.

Parisian-inspired kitchens need an island that is simple and sleek. This classic look can translate to black cabinets with marble or granite countertops. You will want to create clean lines and use color combinations that coordinate without being overpowering.

French country kitchens need to have a rustic or repurposed feel. These islands can include old barn doors, a butcher block countertop or bright backsplashes.

- french kitchen -

Country Kitchen Island Styles

These kitchens are all about bringing the farm inside. Country kitchen island styles often have flat-board paneling that channels the family barn. Country blue and barn red are the most commonly used colors. Use wicker baskets or wooden bowls for accented storage.

Distressed cabinets and drawers will also go perfectly in a country kitchen.

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Antique Kitchen Islands

Antique kitchen islands blend modern and retro designs together. You have the most freedom to mix, match, blend and accent pieces in this style. You can pair vibrant bar stools with a vintage or aged wooden island.

When constructing your antique island, be careful not to add too much to it. Choose one or two strong antique elements and leave it at that. Trying to use too many aspects and facets can create a busy and distracting kitchen.

- antique island -

Now that you’re familiar with different kitchen island styles, you’ll be equipped to choose an island and accents that are perfect for your kitchen!

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